G DAILY SUPPLY SDN BHD as a foreign founder enterprise. Mainly engages in the deep processing of agriculture and sideline products, the IQF and fresh vegetable. The main products include broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, soybean, etc. The products are sold to the major cities at home and abroad, such as Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The annual products capacity is about 60,000 tons.

Our Vision:
To develop markets and distributes company's fresh produce directly to our clientele with better product, value, quality & service. Work toward the company's goal of becoming a  leading & trusted distributor of safe & high quality fresh produce.
Our Mission:
Freshness & quality is our priority - To ensure only the fresh produce from the farm quality selection & excellent service to meet customer needs everyday.
Leader in the industry - We strive to be the market leader in the sale & distribution of vegetable directly imported from China to hospitality industry.
Team work - To promote teamwork at all levels of management by encouraging all staff to perform their best & advance on their personal merit.

Valentine Rose Pot Ice Cream - Strawberry Yogurt~COMING SOON

Valentine Rose Pot Ice Cream - Blueberry Mint~COMING SOON

Valentine Rose Pot Ice Cream - Pink Lemonade~COMING SOON


Golden Retriever~COMING SOON~


Dalmatian~COMING SOON~

Mangosteen with Edible Husk ~NEW ARRIVAL~

Cheese Corn ~NEW ARRIVAL~


Mentaiko spicy pollack roe

Salmon Ikura

Yobuko Kensaki Ika

White Bait 8-10cm

Wasabi 500gm

Uni (Sea Urchin)

Tatami Iwashi


Smoked-Mackerel Fillet

Seasoned Octopus Wasabi


Japan Eihire 500gm

Imitation Veg Sea Cucumber

Hokigai Slice

Frozen Half Shell Green Abalone

Cooked Octopus Slice

Chuka Wakame

Chuka Idako

Chuka Kurage

Fish Slice ( Ƭ

Chilean White Cod Fish


Mango Sticky Rice

Young Ginger

White Radish

Water Chestnut

U.S Potato



Lotus Root

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